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2017 was intense. In terms of business, the local economy and even CREW San Diego, we’ve experienced success and growth far greater than we've seen in years. As we transition into 2018, CREW SD will continue to build upon this momentum; maintaining iconic events, expanding leadership opportunities, and offering new direct member-benefit programs. Additionally, and perhaps most exciting – CREW San Diego will host the 2018 CREW Network Convention and Marketplace in October, attracting hundreds of CRE professionals from around the globe.


I’ve learned so much already just preparing for the role ahead as President – and am grateful for the support and advice from the incredible women that have served before me. Catharine Hughes led our chapter through a hugely successful year and tackled many large tasks. I am so thankful to her and my fellow 2017 Board Members for making such significant progress and teeing us up right for the coming year!


Our 2018 Board of Directors is a diverse blend of seasoned and new professionals from multifarious disciplines, offering a unique union of CREW history and fresh perspectives to enhance our programming. In addition to further developing programs such as Mentorship and UCREW, we are also exploring outreach opportunities to introduce middle and high school students to careers in CRE fields.


Additionally, we are developing strategic partnerships with like-minded professional organizations to strengthen and expand our impact on local CRE professionals through collaboration, cross-marketing and CREW Member speaking engagements and award nominations.


I am honored for this opportunity to collaborate with our incredible Board and Committee members, and am thrilled to see what 2018 brings for America’s Finest City!

Bree Wong


Happy New Year! Happy New CREW SD! It has been an honor to serve as CREW San Diego’s 2017 President. I could not be more grateful to our brilliant 2017 board and committee members. This has been a year of accomplishments. We updated our By-laws, established a Mentorship Program, had records in membership growth, donations to CREW Network Foundation and Done Deals! The enthusiasm for programs and outlets serve our membership and CRE community is climbing. There is more to do. Bree Wong and our CREW SD 2018 Board is ready to take on the challenge!


Most importantly for me, I have strengthened relationships in this dynamic community of talented women and men that are all about building good business… while having a bit of fun.


As I said before, your opinion is of the utmost value. If you see a need we are not fulfilling, I would love to hear from you. We created an Ad Hoc committee for the Mentorship Program and we can create more… Please be aware that we may need someone to lead the new committee.


A good old Irish proverb says, “The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves”. Let’s make 2018 great!


Thank you!


Catharine Hughes

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