CREW Talks Leadership, Compensation in San Diego

February 19, 2015



Thousands of women commercial real estate leaders converged on San Diego for the organization’s national Winter Leadership Summit, where CEO Gail Ayers presented findings on trends with women in the industry, compensation trends and hot jobs. The group also has a new president with Turner Construction’s Lori-Ann Stevens.



We caught up with CREW San Diego’s Sharon McCorkle, Lori-Ann, Unisource Solutions VP Amanda Seimer, The Miller Hull Partnership’s Amber Mauer, Good and Roberts’ Toni McMahon, HFF’s Kara Mathis and Viking Commercial Construction’s Wendy Hoier during the conference. The next annual CREW convention will be up the coast, in Seattle, with such speakers as Morgan Stanley’s Carla Harris, former CNBC chief economist Marci Rossell and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.



New CREW President Seeks to Boost ‘Connections’

February 17, 2015



For Turner Construction’s Lori-Ann Stevens, commercial real estate is about connections. And she’s making that concept the driving force of her presidency this year at CREW San Diego. “What we’re trying to do is connect with as many people as possible in the real estate industry,” Lori-Ann says. In recent years, CREW has seen its roster increase with more men, who, Lori-Ann says, “have realized the force behind CREW.” CREW just hosted its Winter Leadership Summit national conference in San Diego as well, and the organization is working with us on our first ever Power Women list. The 16-year industry vet tells us the role of women in commercial real estate has changed greatly over time. Today, there are more females in C-suite roles, something that was very rare 20 years ago. “In addition, I think that women in real estate are being taken more seriously,” she says.



January Crew Corner: 2015 Economic Outlook Is Positive

By Renee Mullen

Monday, January 26, 2015


With American consumer confidence continuing to grow, nationwide unemployment below 5 percent and interest rates untouched since June 2006, an official with U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management struck a positive note when he opened last week’s CREW San Diego 2015 Economic Trends Forecast.


Joseph Quinlan, that company’s managing director and chief market strategist, said he’s confident the positive trend will continue in the near-term (through mid-year), but warned that the long-term outlook is still questionable as the U.S. dollar continues to strengthen and the rest of the world remains in “trouble.”


Quinlan began by explaining that in 2015, U.S. companies will increase hiring and salaries. In addition, businesses are borrowing again from banks for expansion. This trend began in fourth quarter 2014, during which that time one half of the lending for the entire year occurred.


As a result of company growth and a stronger U.S. economic outlook, consumers are more confident. Given that American consumers are responsible for driving 70 percent of the U. S. gross national product, this indicator is extremely important.


The most impactful economic trend for households across America will be the continued decrease in oil prices.


Quinlan projects that “oil prices are going to become so cheap that it will result in consumers using more, which will create a new natural equilibrium,” an intersection point where supply equals demand for oil in the United States.


Consumers should also feel content about interest rates in the months ahead. Despite chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen’s ongoing appeal to raise rates, Quinlan expects interest rates to stay the same in the near term. Yellen is at ease for now, knowing that when the need arises “she’ll be able to use rates as ammunition to stimulate the economy.”


Quinlan suggested to the audience that they enjoy the current economic conditions, but noted three specific factors that could affect the U.S. economy in 2015.  Read More



December CREW Corner: Why Law Firm Real Estate Is Important

By: Misty Moore

Thursday, December 11, 2014


Included in the annual Jones Lang LaSalle Law Firm Perspective released this quarter, is an account of how Lathan & Watkins law firm recently chose to commission an entirely new office building in the Del Mar Heights submarket rather than snap up available space in an existing building. Why incur the expense and hassle of doing this in a market that still has more than 14 percent total countywide office vacancy?


This decision is important because it could apply to all industries.


The availability of large blocks of Class A office space in San Diego is limited, which is the first and most important information in JLL's research. It has become increasingly difficult to find space more than 25,000 square feet as law firms are starting to expand again.


This supply constraint led Latham & Watkins to opt for a 70,000-square-foot built-to-suit building this year. Other local law firms in the market for 30,000 square feet or more face an uphill battle, as do firms in other industries with similar space requirements.


Speculative office construction is only just beginning in San Diego. However, The Irvine Company's One La Jolla Center project in UTC will deliver 306,000 square feet of Class A office space in 2015, which will provide additional options for law firms and others. In the meantime, some firms are looking to do more with less space and this, too, reflects a trend in many types of businesses.  Read More




Member News: Congratulations to Melissa Scofield and Melissa Stern!


Congratulations to CREW member Melissa Stern, Marketing Manager at Commercial Builders, Inc., for being selected as an Honorable Mention!



December 3, 2014


San Diego Business Journal: 2014 Emerging Generation 25 in their 20′s


Congratulations to CREW member and 2015 VP of Sponsorship, Melissa Scofield, Associate at CBRE, for being selected as SDBJ’s award winner!



November CREW Corner: Achieving work-life balance can be done

By: Erin Rooker

Friday, November 14, 2014


I’m a big Today's show fan. It’s something about the morning ritual of a cup of coffee and the mix of news and entertainment, all brought by the likable, familiar cast that has powerful, successful women.


Watching it also means that I’ve managed to squeeze in a few minutes of “me” time (a rare occurrence) into my daily role as marketing superstar, wife, mom, cook, chauffer…and the list goes on.


With the hot topic the last couple of weeks being the show’s lead female anchor, Savannah Guthrie, returning to work from maternity leave, I got to thinking, “What is that magic formula to being a working mom? And how do other successful women juggle it all?”


I did some research and polling of women in Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) and in the real estate industry, and came to find out that every mom who works outside the home asks herself these same questions and that I know some pretty amazing working moms. Here’s what we have to say:


Get organized


I might be on the extreme end of this spectrum, almost tipping the OCD meter (my husband can attest), but I learned from my mom panel that we all use organizational tricks to make it through the week.


Food: On Sunday, line up your menu and prep for at least a couple of quick dinners for the upcoming week….Read more



Member News: 2 CREW members named as finalists for SDBJ’s 2014 Emerging Generation: 25 in their 20′s!

Congratulations to CREW members Melissa Stern, Marketing Manager at Commercial Builders, Inc., and Melissa Foster Scofield, Associate at CBRE for being selected as a finalists for the 2014 Emerging Generation: 25 in their 20′s Awards! How amazing these women are to represent CREW San Diego in such a prestigious way.


The San Diego Business Journal, along with title sponsor Wells Fargo and in association with LEAD San Diego, will be hosting a reception and awards presentation on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at the Hall of Champions in Balboa Park.



October CREW Corner: Times are changing for health care real estate

By: Sarah Austin

Friday, October 31, 2014


The future of health care continues to change as health care providers, insurers and patients begin to fully understand and implement the Affordable Care Act. Americans are already starting to see significant changes with how, when and where care is delivered.


These changes directly affect how health care organizations use space and deliver care. CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) San Diego recently held an educational lunch program, led by moderator Wendy Cohen of Kitchell, to discuss how the real estate industry is at the forefront of these changes.


Straying from traditional real estate


Health care real estate is significantly different than other real estate sectors. The most notable difference is the working relationship between the landlord and tenant….. Read more



September CREW Corner: CRE social media — what’s new?

By: Teresa Y. Warren

Friday, September 19, 2014


Back in June 2010, Crew Corner took on the subject of social media.


In a column by this author, the skepticism of social media use by the commercial real estate industry was addressed and — we hope — expelled. With more than four years of experience behind us, now is a good time to take a second look at CRE social media and see what, if anything, is new.


Photos and videos


Words alone aren’t a good way to communicate via social media. People like to look at pictures. In this age of on-demand everything, people want instant entertainment. As a result, the use of photos and video in social media is exploding, and with good reason: Research shows that a message on Twitter with a photo or video link is up to 10 times more likely to capture attention.


In the commercial real estate world, savvy marketers are showing off lots of interesting things on social media. A new listing announcement put out on Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn that features photos of the building(s) and property features allows the viewer to better experience what the project has to offer. A video walking tour of a property can do the same.

Images and graphics are also a great way to send valuable information in a fun and different way. When Comic-Con International came to San Diego in July, commercial real estate leader JLL developed an infographic that featured downtown’s skyline and illustrated how superheroes would flock to the various buildings. (Did you know that the 600 B Street building’s great access to two major, fast-travel corridors — Interstate 5 and Highway 163 — is ideal for The Flash?)) ….

To read more, visit:



CREW Member, Bree Tsaniff, Awarded SD Metro’s 40 Under 40!

By: SD Metro Magazine

September 15, 2014


Bree Tsaniff is vice president of business development at SWS Engineering Inc., a local civil engineering firm. She has been with the company since its founding in 2007. Tsaniff's passion and drive is inspiring, and her career path has been anything but typical. In fact, she started working in the design and construction industry at age 19. When she joined SWS Engineering she was named the firm's marketing manager. Her areas of expertise encompass health care, educational facilities, affordable housing, commercial real estate, hospitality, civic and infrastructure.  She is active in the San Diego Housing Federation, an organization that sustains vital affordable housing programs for lower income San Diegans, and currently serves on the membership committee and as the Rising Leaders co-chair. She supports the Boys and Girls Club of San Marcos, the Preeclampsia Foundation, Helen Woodward Animal Shelter and St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

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